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Winter Car Accessories

Winter Car Accessories can protect your vehicle from winter’s elements. Even if you have an abundance of driver-assist technology features on your vehicle, you can supplement the basic gear on your vehicle by adding several winter accessories. Some of these features are essential while others simply enhance your driving pleasure.

What Are Winter Car Accessories?

Winter Car Accessories can help you maximize your vehicle’s amenities while keeping out the elements. These accessories offer the following benefits:

  • Prepare your vehicle for weather: When cold weather hits, you need to take extra precautions with your vehicle. Certain accessories can protect your vehicle’s interior or exterior from wintry weather.
  • Convenience: Just because the temperature gets cold, it doesn’t mean that you need to endure the freezing temperatures. For instance, instead of you waiting outside in the cold while your vehicle warms up, stay inside while your vehicle warms up with a remote start.
  • Be ready for a trip: Additional storage can help you keep your vehicle’s interior free of gear while still allowing you to transport items.
  • Increase resale value: Certain accessories can help your vehicle retain its value. Installing premium floor mats into your vehicle can help it maintain its stain-free interior, which can help increase its resale value.

    No matter what type of winter accessory you select for your vehicle, the most important benefit is to keep your vehicle safe. You don’t want to become stranded in inclement weather, so you might also want to consider placing an emergency kit in your trunk. You can house a variety of essentials in there including jumper cables, a first-aid kit, blanket, and tow-strap.

    Types of Winter Car Accessories

    When shopping for car winter accessories, keep in mind that there are numerous options available. Some of the more popular options include the following:

    Remote Start

    There’s nothing better than being able to stay inside your nice warm home while your vehicle warms up. This feature lets you turn on your vehicle via a key fob, although only the engine starts along with the heating and air-conditioning systems. The remote start will stop working after 10 minutes unless you fully start the vehicle. You cannot operate the vehicle unless you turn off the remote start function. If your vehicle doesn’t come equipped with this feature, you can pick up a remote start kit and install it yourself or hire a professional.

    Floor Mats

    When you get into your vehicle after walking through snow and salted sidewalks, you don’t want to damage your vehicle’s floors by bringing in excess moisture. This moisture can provoke corrosion on the metal floor located underneath the carpeting. Floor mats can also influence your vehicle’s resale value because you are trying to keep its interior as stain-free as possible.


    If you enjoy spending winter outdoors, whether it’s skiing or snowboarding, installing a rack is a necessity. These allow you to house your gear outside the cabin, giving you more interior space while still allowing you to transport your gear. A hard storage box can be affixed to the back or roof of the vehicle.

    Windshield Snow Cover

    If you really don’t want to be bothered by clearing ice, snow, or frost off your vehicle, a windshield snow cover is the perfect option. This cover acts like a blanket for your vehicle, so you just drape it over the windshield once inclement weather begins to fall. Most covers are made out of polyester and PVC, so it is a durable and thick option. Its thermal shield traps in heat, which keeps the windshield free of frost and fog.

    How to Choose Winter Car Accessories

    When you’re shopping for winter car accessories, take into account your needs and budget. Some accessories are more necessary than others, especially if you plan on traveling during this time. Once you find the accessories you want, make sure to select them from a brand-name retailer as this ensures you’re receiving high-quality materials. This can also minimize the risk of having to pay money for repairs down the road.

    How to Replace/Install Winter Car Accessories

    Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

    You can install or replace all the car winter accessories yourself by following these steps:

    Remote Start

    Most remote starters should be installed by a qualified technician unless you’re familiar with vehicle electronics. However, if you want to tackle this project yourself, you can do so by following the manufacturer’s instructions. With most kits, you need to determine where to put the main module that connects to existing wires. It’s good to find a spot that’s away from a heat source such as above the radio or in the glove compartment. From there, you will need to splice wires so the module can work in tandem with the starter.

    Floor Mats

    Floor mats are some of the easiest accessories to replace. Simply remove the old ones, and place the new ones onto the floor. If you’ve purchased custom floor mats, they should fit snugly. Some might even have hooks that connect to your vehicle’s floor. You can easily remove the floor mats at any time to clean them and then place them back into the vehicle.


    To install a roof rack, make sure your vehicle already has raised rails. Otherwise, see if it has any hidden mounting hardware. With a raised rail, assemble the base system by connecting the mount and cross bars together. Attach the clamps to the raised rail system on both sides. Mount the rack system with the positioned clamps. Add the accessories to hold your cargo or equipment. Take a short trip to test the rack after adding the equipment.

    Windshield Snow Cover

    Windshield snow covers keep your windshield, wipers, and side-view mirrors covered from winter weather. To use the cover, unwrap it from the storage bag, and locate the security flaps. Some have flaps that adjust to your vehicle’s size, while others include mirror covers. Whenever you’re done using them and ready to hit the road, brush off all the snow, ice, or frost, and place the cover back into the storage bag.

    Where to Buy Winter Car Accessories

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