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What to Do if You Are Hit by a Car While Riding Your Bike

If you are hit by a motor vehicle, you have the right to file a personal injury claim. Even if the driver is uninsured or underinsured, you can file a claim based on your bike insurance policy. You should also follow these three basic steps after being hit by a car on your bike:

  1. Gather necessary evidence, at-fault driver’s insurance information, and the contact numbers of witnesses and police.
  2. Get medical treatment and documentation of your injuries.
  3. Prevent any attempts of devaluing your accident claim.

Only the third step requires an explanation. You mustn’t admit any fault or downplay your injuries. It is common to make light of any injuries, but you should never do this when talking to the police or an insurance rep because it might torpedo your chances of getting adequate compensation for your injuries.

You should treat the damage to your bike and your injuries as seriously as you would in a car wreck. Many motorists try to ignore bike collisions, but if they don’t stop, it might result in a hit-and-run conviction. You should call the police immediately.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes While You’re Woozy

It is best to say you don’t know when asked about your injuries after an accident. It is also important to write down any relevant information like an admission of fault that the driver makes — even if the driver blames a third party for the crash. Anything that you say can be used against you in court, so stick to the basic facts, and don’t share your opinions.

Take more detailed notes once you have some privacy. Letting the driver know that you are keeping close tabs on what he says could prompt him or her to be less talkative.

Look for eyewitnesses to the accident and point out any likely witnesses to a police officer to ensure that their contact information is secured.

Document the Accident Scene

If your injuries don’t require emergency care, take some time to study the weather and road condition at the time of the accident. If you can, take photos of the scene. Make a list of any damage done to the bicycle and motor vehicle as confirmation that the accident resulted in damages.

However, don’t compromise your health or aggravate your injuries just to gather information. Getting prompt medical attention is one of your top three priorities, and that shouldn’t wait while you gather information.

Also, a skilled motor vehicle and bicycle lawyer can issue subpoenas to get access to extra evidence from businesses and authorities or hire investigators who can fill in the gaps in your story.

Getting to Safety After an Accident

The critical steps you need to take after being injured by a car as a cyclist include:

  • Try to get out of the street because you don’t want to get hit a second time.
  • Check yourself for injuries.
  • Stop screaming or yelling and call 911 to report the accident.
  • Get the driver’s license, registration, and insurance information before looking for other witnesses.
  • Find a safe place to wait for police and any medical assistance.

Bike-Car Collisions Are Underreported

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents with cars often go unreported. Kids are also persuaded or incentivized by drivers not to make a big deal about the accident. But not reporting the accident is always a mistake.

The most common bicycle accidents include the left-hand turn, where drivers turn left without seeing an approaching bicycle. The right hook occurs when a driver passes a cyclist in the lane or bicycle path and makes a right turn to cut in front of the cyclist. Another common accident occurs when drivers or passengers open car doors without checking for approaching bicycles.

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