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The Sabre is related to the Senna, but designed more for the street than the track. Nonetheless, we drove it at Lime Rock Park’s 1.5-mile road course, where its 824 horsepower could be turned loose.

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The Sabre uses the Senna’s canopy structure, but 70 percent of its parts are new.

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The U.S. production run is 15 cars at about $4 million each.

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Sabre owners enjoy an extreme level of personalization for their cars. This one was shipped to the Turkish Grand Prix so the McLaren F1 team could sign it.

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With about one-third the downforce of the Senna and 35 extra horsepower, the Sabre hits 218 mph.

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The Sabre’s top speed makes it the fastest two-seat McLaren ever. But overall bragging rights still go to the three-seat F1.

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Lime Rock’s straight is short, but the Sabre still hit 155 mph.

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The Sabre’s bodywork recalls an LMP car, the panels looking shrink-wrapped over the mechanical components.

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This Sabre has cupholders capable of accommodating a Venti from Starbucks. Practical.

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Suspension tuning is softer than in the Senna, a nod to the Sabre’s street intentions.

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