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Lift Kit Hyundai Tucson

Your Guide To Lift Kits for the Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson is a compact SUV that offers many user-friendly features along with upscale styling and agreeable handling. It also delivers a comfortable ride on rough roads. You can improve your Hyundai Tucson’s performance even further by adding a lift kit. We’ve created this guide to Hyundai Tucson lift kits to help you select the right one for your vehicle.

What Is a Hyundai Tucson Lift Kit?

Simply put, a lift kit is what you add to your Hyundai Tucson when you want to lift it higher off the ground.

The typical lift kit includes:

  • Strut spacers.
  • Coil springs.
  • Lift blocks.

    Some kits also come with trailing arms and control arms.

    There are many benefits to installing a lift kit for your Hyundai Tucson. These include:

    • Increased Ground Clearance: Lifting your Hyundai Tucson provides a greater distance between its undercarriage and the road surface, which will allow the vehicle to navigate over rougher and more rocky terrain. It will also make driving through snow easier.
    • Larger Tires: Once you’ve lifted your Hyundai, you’ll be able to fit larger off-road tires, which will help to prevent the SUV from getting stuck in snow or mud.
    • Better Visibility: A lifted vehicle provides better visibility, enabling you to spot obstacles that may appear on the road more easily. Improved visibility makes for a safer ride, whether you’re in a congested urban or off-road area.
    • Easier Access to the Undercarriage: When your Hyundai Tucson is higher off the ground, it’s easier to inspect the undercarriage.

      Types of Lift Kits for the Hyundai Tucson

      There are three types of lift kits you can add to your Hyundai Tucson.

      Body Lift Kit

      A body lift kit is usually going to be your most affordable option. It typically uses blocks or spaces to lift the Tucson’s body away from the frame. That means that the Tucson’s ground clearance stays the same even though the body of the SUV sits taller. If you’re only interested in adding height or larger tires to your Tucson, a body lift kit is an excellent choice. Another benefit of a body lift kit is that it won’t change how your Tucson handles, so if you’re pleased with your Tucson’s current performance, you’ll enjoy that driving experience even after you add the kit.

      Keep in mind that adding a body lift kit won’t enhance your Tucson’s off-road performance, and the undercarriage can still sustain damage from large objects on the road or trail. Also, because a body lift kit moves the body away from the frame, your Tucson may have a visible gap in between. If you don’t mind spending the extra money, you can invest in gap guards to cover up the gaps.

      Leveling Kit

      A leveling kit raises only one part of your Tucson’s body. Like most trucks and SUVs, the Tucson’s rear end is actually a few inches higher than the front end. You can add a leveling kit for a more even look. With the front end raised, your Tucson’s front bumper will sustain less damage from rocks and other debris. Like body lift kits, a leveling kit will make it easier to add larger tires to your Tucson.

      While there are benefits to adding a leveling kit, there are also some disadvantages. One disadvantage is a decrease in your Tucson’s fuel economy. With a lower front end, your Tucson is less likely to drag at highway speeds. If you raise your Tucson’s front end, it won’t be as wind-resistant. That means drag will increase, and your Tucson will consume more fuel. Leveling kits can also cause extra wear and tear on your Tucson’s front suspension. However, this is an issue you can avoid if you have a professional install your leveling kit and add new shocks.

      Suspension Lift Kit

      A suspension lift kit raises the Tucson’s entire suspension system. That means the Tucson’s full frame is lifted, including major components like the engine and powertrain. This lift increases the space between the chassis and the axles. A suspension lift kit makes it easier to add larger tires, and it increases the distance that an axle can move before it becomes overextended. By increasing that distance, you’ll have a smoother ride when you drive your Tucson. Unlike a body lift kit, a suspension lift kit gives your Tucson more ground clearance and improves off-road handling, meaning that it can tackle rougher terrains.

      Installing a suspension lift kit requires changing the shocks, the front leaf springs, and the rear leaf springs. That means a suspension lift kit is more expensive and more complicated to install than a body lift kit.

      How to Choose a Lift Kit for Your Hyundai Tucson

      Before you install a lift kit on your Hyundai Tucson, there are a few factors to consider. These factors include:

      • Local Restrictions: State laws specify how high bumpers, headlights, and other vehicle parts have to be. Some lift kits might exceed those height limitations. Before purchasing a lift kit for your Tucson, check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to see what restrictions your state has regarding vehicle height.
      • Cost: How much are you willing to spend on your lift kit? Setting a budget can help you narrow down your options even further. If you plan on having a professional install your lift kit, be sure to factor in labor costs.
      • Height vs. Ground Clearance: If you only want to increase your Tucson’s height or add larger tires, you’ll be fine using a body lift kit or leveling kit. If your goal is to improve your Tucson’s ground clearance and off-road performance, you’ll need to go with a suspension lift kit.
      • Ease of Installation: If you plan on installing the kit yourself, a body kit is much easier to install.

        How to Replace/Install a Lift Kit on Your Hyundai Tucson

        Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

        The lift kit you purchase will come with instructions specific to that kit. Keep in mind that a suspension lift kit will require extra work. Before you begin, you’ll want to read your lift kit’s instructions to make sure you have the right tools and make sure you can handle the installation. You might consider a professional installation, especially if you’re installing a leveling kit or suspension kit.

        Where to Buy a Lift Kit for Your Hyundai Tucson

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