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Fog Lights for the Kia Soul

Fog lights are a vital vehicle accessory to help you gain better visibility, especially in remote or rural areas where fog is most prevalent. By illuminating the road directly in front of you, fog lights for the Kia Soul can improve your field of visibility better than with headlights alone. When you need to replace these lights in your vehicle, you can refer to this guide to help you replace the fog light bulbs in a simple and straightforward way so that you can get back on the road to wherever your travels take you.

Fog lights in the Kia Soul are front-facing lights that shine light in a bar-shaped beam aimed toward the ground. The sharp angle that the beam aims at with fog lights allows the ground directly in front of the vehicle to be illuminated, which will give you greater visibility on nights with dense fog or poor weather.

What Are Fog Lights for the Kia Soul?

Fog lights in the Kia Soul typically produce white or yellow light. They can be beneficial to any driver, especially those who live in areas with heavy fog that results from storms or excessive humidity during specific seasons of the year.

Types of Fog Lights for the Kia Soul

You can select from among the following options when choosing fog lights for your Kia Soul:

  • OEM.
  • Compatible.
  • LED.
  • Colorful.

    For some car owners, ensuring that their vehicle has original factory parts is essential. Manufacturers create original parts to work with specific vehicle models. Fog lights such as Kia Motors OEM Genuine 92201-B2010, 92202-B2010 Fog Lights are ideal alternatives for original manufacturer fog lights.

    JP Auto Front Fog Light Compatible With the Kia Soul

    If you are not concerned with having original parts, you can choose from a range of compatible fog lights, such as JP Auto Front Fog Light Lamp Compatible With Kia Soul. These types of fog lights fit correctly on Kia Soul vehicle models.

    SOCAL-LED Lighting 2x 880 893 899 LED Fog Light Bulbs

    If you are looking for a brighter fog light option or a more energy-efficient one, you can opt for LED fog lights. These bulbs are excellent if you’ll be operating your vehicle in an area that experiences regular dense fog.

    The colorful SOCAL-LED LIGHTING 2x 880 893 899 LED Fog Light Bulbs allow you to choose from multiple colors to give your fog lights a distinctive look. These lights are generally bright enough to provide fog illumination but are typically not as much as you would get with white or yellow lights.

    How to Choose Fog Lights for the Kia Soul

    Choosing fog lights for your Kia Soul will mainly depend on your specific preferences. If you prefer your car to retain its original parts, choose OEM light bulbs. If visibility is a problem in your area, then LED fog lights may be worth a try. However, if you want to add some flair to your vehicle’s appearance, you can also go for color options.

    How to Replace and Install Fog Lights in the Kia Soul

    Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

    Installing your Kia Soul fog lights is a relatively simple process, requiring only the use of a Phillips head screwdriver and a new fog light bulb.

    Prepare Your Car

    You will need to access the old fog light bulb on your Kia Soul before you get started. You can gain access to the bulb by going behind the vehicle’s bumper. The top way to get into the correct position is to turn your steering wheel as far to the right as it will go, which will move the wheel away from the fender shroud.

    Remove the Inside Fender Shroud

    Unscrew the two Philips head screws that secure the fender shroud. You don’t need to remove the screws completely, but you need to unscrew them enough to move the plastic locking anchor. Once you have reached this point, pop the tabs along the inside of the fender. Slowly pull down the fender shroud. You may have to pull a little more firmly to free the fender shroud from the anchors. Make sure to remove the shroud far enough out of the way so that you can reach the fog light housing.

    Remove the Old Bulb

    When you look inside, you should see the back of the fog light and two tabs on the side of the socket plug. Using two fingers, pinch both sides of the tab simultaneously and pull the plug straight down. Make sure that you do not pull too hard on the plug.

    Maintain a firm grip on the bulb plug and give it a counterclockwise twist to unlock it. This action will require only about a quarter turn. Pull the bulb straight back from the housing.

    Put in the New Bulb

    Open the package on the new bulb but don’t immediately pull out the bulb. Put on cloth or latex gloves to prevent oil or residue from getting on the bulb. When oil and residue deposits occur, the bulb can develop hot points that reduce its longevity. Point the plug away from you and insert the new bulb into the housing.

    Once your plug is flush with the housing, give it a quarter clockwise turn. You should feel the plug lock into place. If it doesn’t, don’t force it. Try again until it securely fastens in place.

    Next, push the wire plug into the bulb until you hear or feel the click of the tabs, which will reattach the socket. The socket can only go in one way. As long as you hear the click, the socket is secure. Turn on your fog lights to ensure the bulb works correctly.

    Replace the Inside Fender Shroud

    If the new bulb is functioning, return the inside shroud fender to its original position. Push the fender back into place and secure the tabs along with it. Then line up the screws beneath the car and tighten them into place.

    Where to Buy Fog Lights for the Kia Soul

    Kia Motors OEM Genuine 92201-B2010, 92202-B2010 Fog Lights

    Soul : All New SOUL (14 ~ 17)


    JP Auto Front Fog Light Lamp Compatible With Kia Soul 2014 2015 2016 Driver Left And Passenger Right Side Pair Set

    JP Auto


    SOCAL-LED LIGHTING 2x 880 893 899 LED Fog Light Bulb Advanced 3030 SMD Bright Colorful Daytime Running DRL Lamp, Red



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