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Cheap Car Insurance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: What to Know

Are you shopping for cheap car insurance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana? According to auto insurance website The Zebra, the average annual cost of auto coverage for drivers who live in the city is $2855, more than both the national average of $1548 and the state average of $2379. You’ll want to shop around, however, because your rate will vary based on your driving history, credit score, zip code, marital status, gender, and other factors.

Required Baton Rouge Auto Coverage

Drivers who live in Baton Rouge must meet Louisiana’s minimum auto insurance requirements, which include at least $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage and at least $25,000 per accident in property damage liability coverage. You can increase your liability limits to provide additional financial protection in case you cause a significant accident. You will also need to buy comprehensive and collision insurance if you want to receive coverage for your own property damage and medical expenses.

Cheapest Companies for Car Insurance in Baton Rouge

The Zebra recommends comparing quotes from more than one auto insurance company to find the best rates. The website reports that these companies offer the most affordable annual car insurance premiums for Baton Rouge drivers:

  • Allstate: $3090
  • GEICO: $2731
  • Progressive: $3276
  • Southern Farm Bureau: $2438
  • State Farm: $2320

    MoneyGeek lists the average cost of minimum coverage and 50/100/50 liability coverage by company:

    • AAA: $1479, $2234
    • Allstate: $1016, $1451
    • GEICO: $930, $1364
    • MetLife: $1329, $1693
    • Progressive: $1234, $1822
    • Southern Farm Bureau: $701, $1015
    • State Farm: $907, $1256
    • USAA: $667, $907 (for military members, veterans, and their families only)

      These companies offer the most affordable rates for full coverage auto insurance, which includes comprehensive, collision, and a 100/300/100 liability policy:

      • AAA: $3630
      • Allstate: $2206
      • GEICO: $2067
      • MetLife: $2130
      • Progressive: $3086
      • State Farm: $1959
      • Southern Farm Bureau: $1451
      • USAA: $1404

        The insurance website ValuePenguin found the most affordable minimum coverage rates for Baton Rouge customers at Louisiana Farm Bureau, where annual coverage costs about $434. The most expensive average policy was $1949 per year from GEICO. Other quotes for this type of policy included:

        • Allstate: $1487
        • Progressive: $1099
        • Safeway: $1415
        • State Farm: $796
        • USAA: $718

          Cheapest Car Insurance in Baton Rouge by Zip Code

          Depending on where you live in Baton Rouge, a few blocks could make a big difference in the cost of your auto insurance. Drivers pay more when they live in neighborhoods with high rates of uninsured motorists, vehicle theft, or crime, all of which increase their chances of filing a claim. According to MoneyGeek, drivers find the most affordable policies in area codes 70817, 70810, 70808, 70803, and 70820. The costliest neighborhoods for auto insurance in Baton Rouge include 70805, 70812, 70802, 70814, and 70819.

          Cheapest Car Insurance in Baton Rouge by Driver Age

          Drivers in their 50s pay the lowest rates for auto insurance in Baton Rouge, with an annual average of $2554. Drivers in their 40s have the next most affordable average annual premium rate of $2776. Teenage drivers have the most expensive average rates at $14,132 a year, but insurance premiums drop to an average of $3854 for drivers in their 20s. The average annual rate for drivers in their 30s is $2831. Rates increase slightly for drivers in their 60s and 70s to an average of $2813 and $2907, respectively.

          Cheapest Car Insurance in Baton Rouge by Gender and Marital Status

          According to data from The Zebra, Baton Rouge auto insurance rates vary by gender and marital status. Single drivers pay about $109 more for an average policy than married drivers do. Widowed drivers also pay lower average rates than single drivers. Female drivers who live in Baton Rouge have average rates $176 higher than male drivers.

          Cheapest Car Insurance in Baton Rouge after an Accident or Violation

          Drivers pay more after filing an auto insurance claim for an at-fault accident or getting a ticket or citation. These are the average rates after common violations, according to research from The Zebra:

          • $3405 per year after speeding 16 to 20 miles per hour over the posted limit
          • $4057 per year after a ticket for reckless driving
          • $4187 per year after an arrest for driving while intoxicated
          • $4199 per year after an at-fault accident with up to $1000 in damages
          • $4231 per year after an at-fault accident with damages exceeding $2000

            MoneyGeek reports that these companies have the most affordable average rates for drivers who have had a DUI, at-fault accident, or speeding ticket, respectively:

            • AAA: $5088, $5486, $4976
            • Allstate: $2917, $3288, $2572
            • GEICO: $5135, $3060, $2698
            • MetLife: $4776, $3184, $2767
            • Progressive: $4701, $5519, $4195
            • Southern Farm Bureau: $1901, $1840, $1636
            • State Farm: $2102, $2245, $2102
            • USAA: $2067, $2068, $1763

              Best Baton Rouge Insurance Companies for Customers

              ValuePenguin reports that USAA has the highest customer satisfaction rates. Survey results indicate 62 percent of clients say the company has excellent customer service and 68 percent say they’re extremely satisfied with their experience. Allstate provides the best-rated customer service for Baton Rouge residents who do not qualify for USAA coverage. However, Allstate also charges some of the highest premiums for insurance.

              Insurify notes that Louisiana drivers must have insurance coverage whenever they drive or park in the state. You must provide proof of insurance if you have a car accident, get asked to do so by a police officer, and when renewing your car registration. Otherwise, you could receive fines or a license suspension.

              Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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