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Car Insurance Omaha Nebraska: Everything You Need to Know

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Buying car insurance Omaha, Nebraska, can be pricey. Knowing how insurance providers calculate their rates and shopping around can help you find affordable rates.

What Are Car Insurance Requirements in Omaha, Nebraska?

Omaha, Nebraska, drivers must carry the following minimum insurance coverage:

  • $25000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $50000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $25000 property damage liability per accident
  • $25000 uninsured motorist protection per person
  • $50000 uninsured motorist protection per accident

    Keep in mind, this is the minimum level of insurance required. Some drivers may choose to protect themselves more by adding additional insurance. Other types of insurance that you might also add include comprehensive, collision, roadside assistance, gap coverage, or medical payments.

    Insurance Companies in Omaha, Nebraska

    Whether you are buying insurance for the first time, or you want a better rate, it is important to shop around and find the provider that works best for you. Here are a few insurance providers that you might consider in Omaha, Nebraska:

    • Farm Bureau: Average rate of $505 annually
    • State Farm: Average rate of $571 annually
    • American Family: Average rate of $713 annually
    • Progressive: Average rate of $773 annually
    • Nationwide: Average rate of $841 annually
    • Allstate: Average rate of $846 annually
    • Mid-Century: Average rate of $2080 annually
    • USAA: Average rate of $332 annually

      This is data from Insurify and is based on minimum coverage. Drivers who want full coverage may want to try:

      • State Farm: Average rate of $1488 annually
      • Farm Bureau: Average rate of $1,64 annually
      • American Family: Average rate of $1915 annually
      • Nationwide: Average rate of $2235 annually
      • Progressive: Average rate of $2436 annually
      • Allstate: Average rate of $2468 annually
      • Mid-Century: Average rate of $4565 annually
      • USAA: Average rate of $1025 annually

        It is important to note that while USAA usually has the cheapest rates, it is only available to active military members and others on their policies. Other insurance providers that you might consider in Omaha, Nebraska, include 21st Century, Amica, Farmers, and Liberty. Compare prices between providers to find the best one.

        How Much is Car Insurance in Omaha, Nebraska?

        Car insurance in Omaha, Nebraska, is expensive. The average insurance rate is much higher than the state and national average. Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska. This means more drivers on the roads and a higher chance of you filing an insurance claim. Other factors also lead to Omaha’s higher-than-average insurance rates. Omaha, Nebraska, ranks 200/300 in most car thefts and 46/50 in most uninsured drivers.

        However, your specific insurance rates will vary, depending on things like your age, location, driving record, and even your zip code within Omaha.

        Omaha, Nebraska, Car Insurance Rates By Zip Code

        While Omaha may be one of the most expensive cities in Colorado for auto insurance, there can be pricing differences between zip codes. These are some of the most expensive zip codes in Omaha, Nebraska:

        • 68198
        • 68182
        • 68178
        • 68164
        • 68154
        • 68152
        • 68144
        • 68142

          According to ValuePenguin, this is usually based on the number of claims in that area. Areas with a higher population or more traffic are considered to be at higher risk.

          What Factors Affect Your Insurance Rates in Omaha, Nebraska?

          Many factors go into your Omaha, Nebraska, insurance rates. This includes:

          • Your age: Insurance companies consider teen drivers to be the highest risk because of their lack of driving experience. Drivers in their 60s usually get the best rates in Omaha, Nebraska.
          • Your gender: Even your gender can influence the rates you pay for insurance.
          • Driving record: Almost all insurance companies consider driving records when calculating insurance rates. Drivers with numerous traffic violations or a DUI on their record will usually pay the highest.
          • Credit score: Because insurance companies consider risk when calculating rates, they also often factor in credit score. Increasing your credit score by even a few points can reduce your insurance rates.

            You may not have control over some of these factors, like your gender and age. However, you may be able to save on insurance by improving your driving record or credit score.

            How to Choose the Best Insurance Company in Omaha, Nebraska

            It is important to consider your needs when choosing the best insurance company in Omaha, Nebraska. One insurance company may work for one driver, but not for another driver. You will want to consider things like price and level of coverage. It can also be helpful to consider the customer satisfaction ratings of any insurance providers you are considering.

            Insurance discounts are one of the best, and easiest, ways to save on your insurance rates. Many insurance companies offer discounts and may include ones like:

            • Multi-policy: If you have other insurance policies, like a home or RV, combining policies can help you save.
            • Multi-driver: If there are other drivers on your policy, you may receive a discount.
            • Military members: Military members and their families may qualify for discounts.
            • Senior: Senior drivers may be eligible for a discount, depending on their insurance policy.
            • New car: Newer cars are sometimes equipped with safety and security features, which can earn you discounts on your insurance.
            • Safe driver: If you have a driving record free of accidents or traffic violations, your insurance company may offer you a safe driver discount.
            • Take a defensive driving course: Some insurance companies may allow you to take a defensive driving class in return for a discount.
            • Shop around: Shopping around is one of the best ways to compare quotes and find the best insurance rates.

              In addition to shopping around when first buying insurance rates, it can also be beneficial to compare prices every six months. Insurance rates frequently increase and by comparing quotes, you can ensure you always have the best rates.

              Car insurance in Omaha, Nebraska, can be expensive but if you know where to look and how to compare quotes, you can find a policy that works for your car budget.

              Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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