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Car Insurance in Norman, Oklahoma: Everything You Need to Know

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Oklahoma drivers pay about $238 more than the average for drivers across the U.S. for annual auto insurance coverage, according to researchers at the website The Zebra. AutoinsuranceEZ states that Oklahoma drivers pay an average of $131 a month for auto insurance. However, residents of Norman can often access lower rates. This guide to car insurance in Norman, Oklahoma, will help you find the best policy to meet your needs.

Lowest Auto Insurance Rates in Norman, OK

Research from Insurify found that State Farm has the lowest average coverage rates for Norman residents of $71 per month, compared to monthly rates of $151 from Traveler’s Insurance, $156 from Progressive Insurance, $195 from The General, and $222 from American Family. To obtain sample rates, the website uses the profile of a 40-year-old male Norman resident who drives a 2012 Honda Accord and has minimum coverage.

AutoinsuranceEZ found the lowest monthly Norman auto insurance rates from these companies:

  • State Farm: $39.
  • Oklahoma Farmers Union: $39.
  • Mercury: $56.
  • Allstate: $65.
  • Oklahoma Farm Bureau: $67.

    This website’s sample driver is a 34-year-old married man who lives in Norman. He has good credit, a good driving record and insurance history, and full coverage on a 2015 Honda Accord with theft protection.

    Value Penguin reports that State Farm has the lowest average statewide rates for Oklahoma drivers. This large company also has the most affordable rates for many young drivers who live in the state. The website also recommends Progressive as well as USAA (available only for members of the military and their families).

    Auto Insurance Cost by Age in Norman, OK

    Younger drivers pay more for auto insurance than experienced drivers because they have a higher risk for accidents. This results in higher premiums. The Zebra reports the average annual cost for Norman drivers by age group as follows:

    • Adolescents: $6511.
    • 20s: $2209.
    • 30s: $1509.
    • 40s: $1532.
    • 50s: $1419.
    • 60s: $1437.
    • 70s: $1690.

      AutoinsuranceEZ found these respective average monthly insurance rates by company for a 17-year-old driver compared to a 34-year-old driver.

      Age 17:

      • Allstate: $160.
      • Mercury: $361.
      • Oklahoma Farm Bureau: $256.
      • Oklahoma Farmers Union: $90.
      • State Farm: $148.

        Age 35:

        • Allstate: $65.
        • Mercury: $56.
        • Oklahoma Farm Bureau: $67.
        • Oklahoma Farmers Union: $39.
        • State Farm: $39.

          Auto Insurance Rates in Norman by Credit Score

          AutoinsuranceEZ reported on the discrepancies between auto insurance rates for Norman drivers who have excellent credit and those who have low credit scores. Many insurance companies associate poor credit with a higher risk for accidents. If you find yourself in this situation consider one of these sites where the researchers found the following average monthly rates by company.

          Poor Credit:

          • Allstate: $86.
          • Mercury: $74.
          • Oklahoma Farm Bureau: $70.
          • Oklahoma Farmers Union: $52.
          • State Farm: $62.

            Excellent Credit:

            • Allstate: $59.
            • Mercury: $50.
            • Oklahoma Farm Bureau: $50.
            • Oklahoma Farmers Union: $25.
            • State Farm: $33.

              The Zebra reports these average annual auto insurance rates in Norman by credit tier:

              • Excellent: $1380.
              • Very Good: $1736.
              • Good: $2336.
              • Fair: $3338.
              • Poor: $5042.

                Based on these numbers, drivers can save about 34 percent a year on auto insurance by improving their credit scores from poor to fair in Norman.

                Value Penguin reports that Oklahoma Farm Bureau has the most affordable average rates for many Oklahoma drivers who have poor credit scores.

                Auto Insurance Rates in Norman With an Accident or Violation

                Drivers who have clean motor vehicle histories without accidents and claims pay less for auto insurance than drivers who are riskier for companies to insure. Some drivers may even be unable to get affordable insurance. The Zebra reports these average annual rates for Norman drivers who have common tickets and claims:

                • Speeding ticket: $1952.
                • DUI arrest: $2358.
                • At-fault accident: $2399.
                • Reckless driving citation: $2203.

                  According to Value Penguin, State Farm has the most affordable rates for drivers who have speeding tickets, arrests for driving under the influence, or at-fault accidents.

                  The Impact of Vehicle Make and Model in Norman

                  Luxury vehicles typically cost more to insure than basic sedans because of the higher repair cost for more expensive vehicles. AutoinsuranceEZ illustrates this concept by comparing the cost of insurance for a 2012 Porsche Boxster Spyder to the cost of insuring a 2015 Honda Accord. They found these respective average monthly costs by insurance company:


                  • Allstate: $173.
                  • Mercury: $154.
                  • Oklahoma Farm Bureau: $173.
                  • State Farm: $127.


                    • Allstate: $65.
                    • Mercury: $56.
                    • Oklahoma Farm Bureau: $67.
                    • State Farm: $39.

                      Marital Status and Gender

                      Norman residents who are married can take advantage of savings programs by bundling their auto policies together. They can also save by getting car insurance and either homeowner’s or renter’s insurance from the same company. While residents of some areas notice a significant gender difference in their auto insurance policies, AutoinsuranceEZ reports that most Norman drivers see less than a 3 percent difference in car insurance quotes compared to comparable drivers of the opposite gender. Value Penguin notes that State Farm tends to offer the deepest discounts for married drivers who live in Oklahoma.

                      Auto Insurance Requirements in Oklahoma

                      Oklahoma drivers must have liability insurance of at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury and $25,000 per accident for property damage. The insurance agent will write this as 25/50/25 when you get a quote. You must show proof of auto insurance anytime a law enforcement officer asks you to do so, when you renew your Oklahoma vehicle registration, or if you have an auto accident.

                      Value Penguin recommends getting quotes from at least three providers when shopping for insurance rates.

                      Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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