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Bumper Guards for Subaru Foresters

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Do you drive a Subaru Forester and live in a city with a lot of busy roads? Then, there is a high chance that a car will hit your bumper. Instead of replacing your bumper every time a car hits it, you can get a bumper guard to protect your bumper. This article will discuss the Subaru Forester bumper guard, its types, and how to install it.

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What Is the Subaru Forester Bumper Guard?

The Subaru Forester bumper guard is made specifically to protect the vehicle’s bumpers from getting scratched. Since the Subaru Forester bumper guard is built out of stainless steel tubing, it is very light. That said, few bumper guards add extra weight to the vehicle they protect. When attached to a vehicle, some bumper guards don’t affect its look. One of such bumper guards is the one installed on the license plate.

Features of the Subaru Forester bumper guard include:

  • Sturdy build
  • Lightweight design

    Benefits of the Subaru Forester bumper guard include:

    • The bumper guard’s strong build prevents it from rusting early. So, it is highly durable.
    • It is a perfect fit for Subaru Forester bumpers. As a result, it never falls off when another vehicle hits the bumper.

      Types of Bumper Guards

      We can classify bumper guards into four types based on the area they cover. These are:

      Trunk-mounted Bumper Guard

      This type of bumper guard is mounted in the trunk. The driver keeps this bumper guard in the trunk while driving. You can only use the bumper guard to protect your rear bumper when you park your car. To use it, just hang it out of your trunk after parking your vehicle.

      Examples of trunk-mounted bumper guards include:

      Bumper Bully

      Bumper Bully is a trunk-mounted bumper guard that is a product of premium grade rubber. This bumper guard is available in three colors: black, gold, and platinum. The Black Edition of the Bumper Bully is the cheapest version. It lacks steel-reinforced trunk straps, a standard feature in other Bumper Bully versions. It only offers black stabilizer bars that keep the bumper guard from swaying in the trunk.

      The Bumper Bully Gold Edition has both steel trunk straps and safety reflectors. It is more expensive than the Black Edition. In addition to safety reflectors and steel trunk straps, the Bumper Bully Platinum Edition also has impact pads that give extra protection to the bumper.

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      License Plate-Mounted Bumper Guard

      The license plate-mounted bumper guard protects both the bumper and license plate. As the name implies, you have to mount it on your license plate. Examples of license plate-mounted bumper guards are:

      Luv-Tap Bumper Guard

      The Luv-Tap bumper guard is a rear bumper guard that is made from rubber. When you install this bumper guard on your license plate, its rubber body will bend to the shape of your rear bumper. This ensures that it doesn’t affect the look of your car.

      The Luv-Tap bumper guard works for all kinds of cars. If you find that the bumper guard is too wide for your car, you can easily adjust it to fit your vehicle. You don’t need any tool to mount the Luv-Tap bumper guard on your license plate. It has suction cups that help drivers attach it to the plate.

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      Bumper Thumper

      The Luv-Tap has a front-bumper variety known as the Bumper Thumper. Just like the Luv-Tap, the Bumper Thumper is also a license plate-mounted bumper guard. This bumper guard lifts the license plate about 1.3 inches away from the bumper to prevent it from damaging the bumper.

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      Stick-on Bumper Guard

      This bumper guard contains an adhesive that lets drivers easily glue them to their vehicle bumpers. Some stick-on bumper guards protect the middle of the bumper, while others protect the corners. In addition, certain automotive brands also offer stick-on bumper guards that protect the whole body of the bumper. You can choose any of these stick-on bumper guards based on your preference.

      However, few stick-on bumper guards look nice on the vehicle. Examples of stick-on bumper guards are:


      The manufacturers of BumperX produce the bumper guard out of a snow-resistant EPDM rubber. This bumper guard has a 3M adhesive which prevents the accessory from causing damage to a vehicle’s paint when drivers stick it on their car. It covers your bumper in a way that hides any scratches on your bumper. This bumper guard is easy to install. All you need to do is to clean your bumper and stick painter’s tape on it. Then, you can peel one corner of the bumper halfway and attach the guard to your rear bumper.

      BumperX 5



      BumpTek Bumper Guards

      BumpTek is a brand that offers various stick-on guards which only protect the corner of your bumper. BumpTek bumper guards are made out of a flexible water-proof material that absorbs harsh hits and scratches without breaking.

      You can install your BumpTek bumper guard on your bumper with its special ‘Kangaroo Pouch’. To mount the guard, you must first insert your license plate in its pocket. Then, you can stick the guard on your car’s bumper.

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