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Auto Insurance in Orem, Utah

If you are currently looking to arrange car insurance, you might want to know what the minimum and recommended coverage levels are. When it comes to auto insurance, Orem, Utah, has specific guidelines. To help you decide on which policy you need, we have put together a comprehensive guide.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in Utah

In Utah, you will need to carry at least the minimum legal coverage to drive a car on public roads. These are set at the following levels:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage of $25,000 per person or $65,000 per claim.
  • Property damage coverage of $15,000.
  • Personal injury liability protection of $3000.

    Of course, you can choose to have a higher limit if you drive an expensive car or would like to protect yourself in every scenario. Additional coverage is available from insurance providers at an extra cost. According to ValuePenguin, you should always have enough coverage to at least pay the cost of repair or the replacement of the vehicle.

    Cheapest Car Insurance Providers in Utah

    If you are shopping around for auto insurance in Utah, you might want to know which companies are likely to get you the best prices. According to The Zebra, the cheapest auto insurance provider in the state is Bear River, costing $769 on average. The runner-up is Safeco at an average price tag of $1040. The most expensive auto insurance company in Utah is Allstate, costing the average motorist $1976 a year.

    Average Coverage Prices

    It is important to note that the average prices don’t take into consideration your personal circumstances, so you will always need to shop around to find out which company is the best for your situation and driving history.

    For example, an at-fault incident will increase your price by almost 30 percent, while a DUI will cost you 28 percent more on your annual insurance. If you have a speeding violation, your premium will go up by 14 percent, but if you have bad credit, your price can be over 50 percent higher than those who have a stellar credit score.

    What Your Car Insurance Covers

    If you want to take out coverage, you will need to consider what you really need. There’s no point paying for insurance you are not going to use. The highest amount of coverage you can obtain is called full coverage, and it protects you for everything. It consists of comprehensive, collision, liability, personal injury, and uninsured driver protection. You can add any of these elements on top of your minimum coverage at any time.

    Different Types of Coverage

    Let’s look at the different coverages available for auto insurance in Orem, Utah, in detail to help you decide what to get a quote for.

    • Comprehensive coverage: This protects you from any damage to your vehicle that is not related to an accident, such as vandalism, fire, theft, or weather-related damage.
    • Collision coverage: This insurance is going to pay out if your vehicle is damaged by another driver’s car or by colliding with an object, such as a post or a tree.
    • Liability coverage: This covers any bodily injury and damage to others’ properties. It doesn’t cover injuries and damages you suffer, only that of the other parties.
    • Personal injury protection: This coverage is going to pay your medical bills after an accident, independent of who was at fault. It also covers the medical bills of your passengers who were present in the vehicle during the accident.
    • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage: If you are involved in a collision with a driver who doesn’t have valid insurance or doesn’t have enough coverage, this policy will kick in to pay for your repair costs.
    • Roadside assistance and recovery: If you break down, this coverage will pay your expenses related to recovery and repair services.

      What Affects Your Auto Instance Rates in Orem, Utah?

      There are different things that will affect the cost of your car insurance. These include your age, your credit rating, your driving record, and the car you drive. Here are some of the cost comparisons based on individual circumstances.

      Your age is one of the most important factors insurance companies take into consideration when giving you a quote. Teens cost much more to get coverage for, as they have limited or no driving history and they are more likely to be involved in an accident. The average cost of auto insurance for a teenager in Utah is $4085 a year, compared with $1228 for 40-year-olds.

      Another thing auto insurance companies look at is your credit rating. You are able to get coverage for $1972 a year if you have a credit rating above fair, but if it is in the worst category, expect to pay $2372 on average for the same insurance.

      If you would like to get the best car insurance rates in the long term, it is important that you keep a clean driving record. Your rates increase significantly after a DUI or an at-fault accident. If you get a speeding ticket, that will bump up your coverage cost, too.

      How to Get a Good Rate on Your Car Insurance in Utah

      You can save on the cost of insuring your vehicle if you have no traffic tickets, no claims or accidents, and no adverse credit reports.

      However, if you are a young driver and would like to get a good deal, you will be classed as high-risk automatically. You can get a better rate if you join your parents’ policy. As an example, a 19-year-old can reduce their insurance cost from $4869 to $2672 by getting a policy jointly with a parent who has an established driving history.

      In order to get the most suitable coverage and the best price, you might want to use online price comparison sites. Check out policy bundle discounts and other incentives offered by companies. Most importantly, however, keep your credit rating and driving history clean.

      In Utah, just like in other states, there is a minimum level of auto insurance coverage every driver needs to have. However, making sure that you have adequate insurance for your circumstances is the best way to stay safe and protect your finances.

      Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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