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Audi A6 Accessories

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Shopping for accessories for an Audi A6 can give your luxury sedan some personalization as well as enhance its performance. The Audi A6 comes in sedan and hatchback styles, giving you the high-quality comfort, class, and versatility you expect from the manufacturer’s vehicles. Over the years the vehicle has undergone several revisions, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot personalize your A6 further by installing a variety of accessories.

What Are Accessories for Audi A6

Audi A6 accessories involve a variety of features and feature the following benefits:

  • Protects your vehicle: Some accessories can protect your A6 from relentless weather, whether it affects the outside or inside of the vehicle. They can also protect your vehicle from the daily wear and tear it might endure.
  • Adds personality: Since the A6 is a performance vehicle, there’s nothing wrong with making the vehicle stand out even more. Consider adding accessories to highlight your personality, whether that involves something bold or more understated.
  • Improves your vehicle’s performance: If you’re looking to improve the A6’s performance, several accessories can actually improve how your vehicle performs.
  • Increases resale value: Depending on what accessories you add, you can actually increase the A6’s resale value. Be careful, though, as some accessories are too customizable and might hinder the resale value. Do a little research if this one of the reasons why you’re looking to add them.

    Audi A6 Accessory Types

    With so many different accessories available for the Audi A6, you might not know what types to use for your vehicle. Some of the more common choices include the following:

    Key Fob Case

    You might not even think about the key fob case when you’re driving your Audi A6. Most fobs are attached to a keychain along with your other keys and thrown either in your pocket or purse as you hurry out the door. As a result, your fob could get damaged. Certain key fob cases don’t block your vehicle’s signal so car thieves might have an easier time remotely breaking into your vehicle. If you’re worried about either of those two issues, you might want to consider swapping out your key fob case.

    Floor Mats

    Designed to protect the A6’s floor from dirt, salt, and overall wear, floor mats keep your vehicle’s floor clean. You can easily remove them to clean and replace, if necessary. You want ones that have grooves and ridges to force the liquid away from your feet. Find mats that don’t slip or slide around, especially while you’re driving. The top ones are custom-made for your A6 as this ensures a snug fit.

    Sun Shade

    Also known as sun shields or UV shields, sun shades are protective shades that you attach to your A6’s windshield or side windows. Usually, the glass found on the vehicle’s windshield blocks most of the sun’s UV light, but it cannot protect from the light that penetrates through the window and gets absorbed by objects located in the vehicle. the sun shades keep the sun’s destructive rays away from your dashboard so they don’t cause cracks in the material or cause damage to electronic items placed in your A6.

    Projector Headlight

    As one of the newer inventions in headlight technology, projector headlights hit the market in the 1980s when luxury vehicles began showcasing them. Since then, they’ve become more popular and are found on almost any type of vehicle. They contain a steel bowl with mirrors, allowing the light to reflect like a mirror. The headlight also has a lens that acts like a magnifying glass, increasing the beam’s brightness.

    How to Choose Accessories for Audi A6

    With so many accessory options for your Audi A6, you might feel overwhelmed looking through the options. First, take a look at your needs and budget before you dive in any further. When you find the type of add-on you want, make sure you select one from a well-known brand so you can obtain the highest-quality parts. This can minimize your need for repairs down the road.

    How to Install/Replace Accessories for Audi A6

    Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

    You can install most of the Audi A6 accessories yourself, as long as you have the right tools and parts. Of the accessories listed, simply follow these steps to replace or install them:

    Key Fob Case

    Over time, your key fob case might take a beating. Before it ends up breaking, consider changing out its case. Remove the original remote from the keyring, and insert a quarter or small screwdriver into the recess in the case. Gently twist to separate the halves. Once the case is open, find the circuit board. Remove the circuit board, and change the battery. Make sure the new button pad is secure in the case. Rest the circuit board inside the button pad after you secure the button pad into the front cover. Snap the case together.

    Floor Mats

    As one of the easiest accessories to swap out, old floor mats just need to be removed and replaced with new ones. It’s a good idea to replace the mats if you notice the heel pad is beginning to lift, they start to impede your driving ability, they slip around, or they have holes.

    Sun Shade

    The sun shade is another easy accessory to install. With a foldable or roll-up sun shade, simply open it inside your A6. Slide the shade’s bottom edge onto the farthest edge of the dash where it meets the windshield. Press the shade’s upper edge against the window’s upper edge. Open your sun visors to hold the shade securely to the windshield. To close, just refold or roll the shade, and store it inside the vehicle.

    Projector Headlights

    When replacing the lights in your projector headlights, you should use either LED or high-intensity discharge (HID) ones. These types of bulbs are too bright for regular reflector headlights but work well with projector ones, but they deliver a whiter and brighter light than standard halogen lights. To replace them, use a screwdriver to pop off the headlight cover and unscrew the light. Replace the bulb with a new one, and snap the cover back into place.

    Where to Buy Accessories for Audi A6

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