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4Runner TRD Pro 4 Grille

If you’re looking to turn your Toyota 4Runner into a TRD, consider adding a TRD Pro 4Runner grille. This feature can enhance your SUV by giving its front a little extra flair. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to transform your 4Runner.

What Is a TRD Pro 4Runner Grille?

TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development, and there’s more to just having the fancy name. Geared toward the off-road vehicles sold by Toyota, TRD symbolizes a powerful vehicle that emits exceptional braking and superb handling.

When you purchased your Toyota 4Runner, maybe you didn’t think about upgrading to the TRD or didn’t have the funds to do so. However, now that you have the money and desire, you can purchase a grille that highlights the TRD power.

The TRD grille has a long black trim piece that features the letters “Toyota” on it. If you already have a 4Runner vehicle that has the Toyota logo on it, you can easily swap it out for the new one. The reasons why you would want to install this new grille includes the following:

  • It’s a throwback: For a little nostalgia, consider putting this grille on your 4Runner. it brings some of the historic Toyota legacy to your vehicle.
  • It’s affordable: When you’re looking to make upgrades to your 4Runner, swapping out the grilles is a relatively inexpensive solution.
  • It’s easy to add: Since it really involves only one piece, swapping out the grille is a simple fix and one that you can complete in less than an hour.

    Even if your 4Runner doesn’t actually have the TRD power, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like it. Adding this grille can give it a little more flair and attention compared to the lower 4Runner trims. All it takes is a few tools, a grille kit, and about an hour of your time.

    Types of TRD Pro 4Runner Grilles

    When shopping for TRD Pro 4Runner grilles, you will find there are many packages available. Most kits include the same pieces, although some might require you to install the letters for “Toyota” on your own. A typical kit includes the following:


    More than just a design feature, the grille covers the front of the vehicle and prevents the engine and radiator from overheating. It allows air to enter and exit the vehicle’s engine compartment freely while also protecting the engine’s parts from any type of road debris. Some companies use the grille as a signature to the company, which means that you can look at the front of the vehicle and tell immediately who manufactured it.


    The garnish on the grille also refers to the letters. In this instance, the garnish on the grille is “Toyota.” Some kits require you to put the garnish together yourself, while others have the word ready to install. With the types that you must install yourself, ensure the adhesive tape stays secure because you don’t want a letter or two to fall off after you’ve completed the installation. Make sure you’re happy with either option before purchasing.

    How to Choose a TRD Pro 4Runner Grille

    Choosing the top TRD Pro 4Runner grille is a simple task. Most kits have all the parts needed to complete the upgrade, so you don’t need to shop around for additional pieces. Always choose a reputable company that uses high-quality materials to ensure a smooth fit. You want the grille to look custom-made or that it came directly from the dealership. Pay attention to the trims covered as well as the vehicle years offered in each kit. You don’t want to buy the wrong year to find out it doesn’t fit.

    How to Replace/Install a TRD Pro 4Runner Grille

    Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

    Once you purchase a TRD Pro 4Runner Grille, you’ll find that it’s a simple installation process as long as you have the necessary tools available. To swap out the grilles, follow these steps:

    1. Open your vehicle’s hood.
    2. Remove all the clips on the plastic cover. To complete this step, slightly push down on the push clips and then lift up and off.
    3. Use a drill to remove the two outside tabs and center bolt to remove the grille.
    4. Take the trim tool and press firmly on the tabs that lock the upper grille into place. The grille should pop directly off.
    5. Clean the grille. Use rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth to complete this step.
    6. Remove the top body piece of your old grille. Attach it to the new TRD Pro grille.
    7. Peel back the adhesive tape, and prepare the grille to fit in place.
    8. Align the grille to the center section. Pop the clips back into place.
    9. Match the notches on the grille with the two tabs on the letters to install the letters.
    10. Peel the tape away from the adhesive on the letters, and secure them into place.
      1. If you purchased a TRD Pro 4Runner grille that only includes a garnish, which is just the word “Toyota,” follow these steps:

        1. Remove the old garnish, if your 4Runner has one. You might need to use a heat gun to help you remove it. Start at one end of the grille, and work your way down to the other.
        2. Use an adhesive remover to get rid of any excess glue. Only do this step if there is any residue remaining.
        3. Cover the paint or headlights with masking tape. Do this to the pieces that are just outside of the grille ends. This protects the area
        4. Clean the area thoroughly. Go over it again with rubbing alcohol.
        5. Take out the new garnish. If it has masking tape on the front of the grille, don’t remove it just yet. Keeping the tape on can minimize scratches during installation.
        6. Align the garnish so it has the logo directly in the center of the grille.
        7. Remove the adhesive tape on the back.
        8. Apply pressure to the garnish so it stays secure on the grille.
        9. Remove the masking tape on the garnish and other parts of the vehicle.
          1. Where to Buy a TRD Pro 4Runner Grille

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