The best commercials from the 2021 Super Bowl so far

Against all odds, the 2021 Super Bowl is still happening. Which means, despite all odds, Super Bowl commercials are still happening. This year brings less levity and more mega-corporations trying to say something meaningful about our unprecedented pandemic times. But still, among the serious trailers (and there were some good ones!), there is some light fun to be had. And also… a weird amount of distorted celebrity bodies.

In case you totally forgot the Super Bowl was happening but still want to check out those sweet advertisements, we’ve rounded up the ones worth watching. Here’s everything that’s already come out before the game even aired:

Michelob Ultra: “Happy”

Super Bowl ads either go for fun or something meaningful. In light of 2020 being … well, 2020, there have been more in this latter category than usual. But Michelob Ultra’s manages to put a thoughtful spin on the idea of happiness being in the little moments.

Bud Light: “Legends”

What if Avengers: Endgame portal scene… but for beer?

UberEats: “Wayne’s World”

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reprise the roles of Wayne and Garth for an Uber Eats commercial, in which they try to get us to support local businesses by using every tactic in the book. Including a shameless celebrity cameo! Eat local!

Tide: “The Jason Alexander Hoodie”

I don’t think any movie, television show, or commercial this year will top the experience of watching the Jason Alexander Hoodie Tide commercial. This is cinema at its finest.

Doritos: “Flat Matthew”

I guess this year is the year of celebrities’ bodies in weird configurations. Matthew McConaughey isn’t feeling like himself — in fact he feels… rather flat. That is until he tries the three-dimensional flavor of Doritos.

Amazon: “Alexa’s Body”

This Amazon commercial posits a question many of us have only dreamed of: what if Michael B. Jordan was a personalized home companion? I would like to see it.

Cheetos: “It Wasn’t Me”

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher reimagine Shaggy’s 2000 rap hit, but instead of cheating, it’s about Mila sneaking into Ashton’s Cheetos stash.


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