Monster Hunter Rise guide: Lock the camera on to monsters

In Monster Hunter Rise, making it so you can lock the camera on to a target monster requires a couple adjustments to your settings.

In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we’ll explain the differences between focus camera and target camera, how to use the target camera controls setting, and how to combine them to lock onto a monster.

Camera style and control settings

Before we even change a setting, we should note that the camera will only target large monsters on the map — you cannot lock on to small monsters or endemic life. The large monsters are the ones with their portrait in the upper right of the screen. You’ll cycle through these by clicking the right thumbstick. The one highlighted in the upper right is the one your camera will lock on to.

  • Focus camera gives you control of the camera at all times and doesn’t lock on automatically.
  • Target camera will lock on to your targeted large monster when you get close.
  • Do Not Focus on Target, like the name suggests, doesn’t track anything.

How to lock on to monsters

Locking the camera onto a monster in Monster Hunter Rise is kind of all or nothing — either the camera automatically locks on and doesn’t move (even when you’re trying to aim your wirebug elsewhere) or it doesn’t lock on at all.

With target camera turned on, the camera will automatically lock onto the large monster when you get close enough — and remember you choose your target by cycling through the large monster portraits in the upper right corner with the right thumbstick. Once it’s locked on, it will stay locked on until the monster is out of sight. The only way to turn the lock off is to cycle to a different large monster by clicking the right thumbstick.

The other option, focus camera, means you can’t lock on permanently. You can, however, change a setting to give you a temporary lock. The target camera controls setting cycles through three types of behavior for the L button.

  • Type 1 focuses on the monster with one press, and points the camera in the direction of your character with two.
  • Type 2 switches those — two presses focus on the monster and one faces the direction of your character.
  • Type 3 removes the double-press control and will focus on the monster with one press.

This doesn’t actually lock on to a large monster, but it doesn’t point the camera at it briefly. It gives you a reticle briefly, but it doesn’t last.

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