Jesse Plemons shows up for 2 seconds in the new Jungle Cruise trailer but he’s already the best part of the movie

Disney’s Jungle Cruise is finally making its way to theaters and Disney Plus and it’s got one last trailer to get everyone excited for the adventure. While Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt may be the heroes of this quest through the amazon, the new trailer suggests that Jesse Plemons’ villain is the real reason to show up.

Chances are you already know that Plemons is a really good actor. But what you may not remember is that when it comes to comedy, he may be Hollywood’s foremost scene-stealer. Plemons’ particular brand of playing-it-straight weirdness is comedic gold. If you want proof, just revisit Game Night, where he’s far and away the best part of a very funny movie.

In Jungle Cruise, Plemons appears to be a villainous submarine captain with an unhinged and with an exaggerated German accent. He’s in the latest trailer for a grant total of maybe two seconds and he’s already incredible so seeing him absolutely take over the full movie should be a treat.

Jungle Cruise was originally supposed to be released in 2020 but was delayed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Finally, Disney decided to release the movie simultaneously in theaters and on Disney Plus Premier Access, which will let Disney Plus subscribers rent the movie for the, somewhat steep, addition fee of $39.99 when the movie comes out on July 30.

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